Expungement Clinic

DeVetter Law x DEEP x First Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
Every 2nd MON from 5PM – 7PM
First Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
310 Alice Street, Savannah GA 31401


This is a free monthly clinic for justice-impacted people who face challenges applying for jobs, housing, or licenses due to a misdemeanor and/or felony convictions appearing on background checks. It is designed to help you explore the pardon process, how to restore your rights, the misdemeanor, and felony expungement process, and how to correct errors on your criminal record. The team at DeVetter Law will help you navigate: getting a copy of your official criminal history, applying for record restriction and sealing, and/or applying for a pardon.

The following forms are provided for you to enroll in our next clinic. Please fill out all forms. The first form is to allow our attorneys to help you. The second form allows us to receive your official criminal history (your “GCIC report”) from the District Attorney’s Office, which we will review to confirm your legal options. The third form gives us information about you and your situation.

Give yourself a fresh start and secure the future you are entitled to! If you plan to attend this
month’s clinic, please complete the forms below:

At this clinic, we can help you with:

  • Determining if you are eligible for expungement (called record restriction and sealing in Georgia) or for a restoration of rights (civil/political rights or gun rights) 
  • Providing forms and instructions on how to apply for expungement or restoration of rights
  • Assisting you with completing forms and applications for an expungement or restoration of rights
  • Determining if you are eligible for early termination from probation
  • Assisting you with issues related to First Offender or Conditional Discharge

At this clinic, we cannot help you with:

  • Filing petitions, motions, pardons, or other court paperwork on your behalf at the courthouse or with a state agency
  • Assisting you with expungements outside of the state of Georgia (though we can still help you with restoration of rights if you live in Georgia and your conviction was outside of Georgia)
  • Assisting you with early termination of parole or parole-related issues
  • Representing you in a pending criminal case, criminal appeal, or traffic tickets
  • Advising you on issues that are not related to criminal records

If you cannot attend in person, please tell us on the Intake form. We will contact you: at the time of the next clinic by phone OR by email AFTER the next clinic when we’ve received and reviewed your GCIC report.

You can reach Nancy at hello@devetterlaw.com or (912) 388-0254.

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